Under this alias is a cosplayer-jewelcrafter .Cosplaying passion begins from a first attended Halloween party attended , taking different forms and personalities of the various charracters that charmed me with their live stories and personalities , as the old wise wisdom says : They told me I could be anything ... Most of the cosplays done are from video game franchises , such as Dragon Age -Origins (Morrigan) , World of Warcraft - Lady Sylvanas the Windrunner , League of Legends - Ahri , but on the other side , also a movie and cartoon characters who fascinated me with some of their characteristics .
Jewelcrafting , well ,it started as a result of my DIY character I am running a brand named Moondust Accessories for a few years now , and my craftings make a pallete from Elvish circlets and accessories , to goth jewlery, all the way to video game inspired jewlery and props .